About me…. “ummm”…”err”… It’s difficult, isn’t it to talk or write about yourself. If you did then you’d be branded as self-centered or self-obsessed. Well that’s a negative way of putting self-confidence and passion for yourself. Judgement was always at the mercy of one’s convenience. Strong, determined and passionate by nature, I enjoy humour, laughter and anything that intrigues me. Positivity adorns me and I try to reflect that onto others.

Over the years, I’ve seen, learnt and experienced in situations, putting to practice life’s painfully taught lessons and been fairly successful. What I can say is my development is fully attributed to my past experiences and this helped surface all those hidden values and creativity that makes me no less than the most important. I started looking to my passion and what I love to do to find solace due to what I thought I lost. That’s where I discovered the real me. This blog is about the real me and about sharing what matters, bringing us beautiful people closer as one big community of peace, love, joy and care.

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