Charity Begins From Your Heart and Soul….

Some time ago, I thought about adopting an orphan as my first child as soon as I got married. I had a vision, that if every family had the heart to do this, we could help give orphans the opportunity to enjoy a loving family and grow up to be a better person. It is not their fault that they are orphans. Sometimes it is the price they pay for their parent’s mistakes or destiny took a sharp turn. They also do not deserve to face this bitter truth of negativity from humans these days. There is hope in today’s world; we just need to work towards it.

I am not sure when my wedding bells will ring, but my need to help at least one orphaned child was reaching levels of  impatience. It is then when I decided to sponsor a child by helping as best I can and perhaps provide education. After that decision, the only question was where do I go and who do I contact? I kept seeing charitable foundations cropping up like mushrooms, all over the place — all for a good cause. I hope. Too sceptical to get involved, I kept my thoughts at the bottom of other things to do.

When money is involved, it is not easy to trust anyone today. I could donate my hard-earned cash, but would it end up at the right place for the right cause? I have no clue! One morning, I received an email. It read, in bold – “SPONSOR A CHILD TODAY!” I read the mail and I still was not too sure. Is this a sign telling me that I should work towards my forgotten goal?With this on my mind, I came across a Facebook post by a friend. The image had a colourful word ‘Drikshya’ and their mission read: “To provide education to children who lack the opportunity to do so.” I immediately contacted that friend and started bombarding her with questions. She was happy to answer them all since she was also working towards the same vision. At the end I was convinced and asked, “Where do I sign up?”

Drikshya is a word derived from Sanskrit and it means direction or vision. However, I say it means hope. Hope for those children to have a normal life just as any child would with a family to take care of them. Drikshya became their family. Founded by Muhammed Musthafa in May 2013, the organisation has successfully enrolled 15 children into schools already. This success is attributed to the programs run by the team involved. Right from sponsoring a child, to teaching them (Together we Teach), feeding them (Feed a Friend) and bringing them gifts (Surprise 4 Smiles) in orphanages, old age homes or villages. This is a cause I want to be part of. What makes this charity organisation stand out is the transparency of where the funds are being utilised.

I opted to volunteer and lend a helping hand to meet their objectives. One in particular is to facilitate the less fortunate children with higher education in India. More details about Drikshya are available on this website Anybody can sign up to sponsor or volunteer. I am proud to be part of it and I hope I can give it my best to encourage the cause.

That is one major achievement off my bucket list and it feels good!

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