Cut the cr(F)A(T)p…!

WorkoutOk! So every one seems to be on this health trip – some successful, others not so much! I’ve tried it too and I can say I’m halfway there. But somehow, I’m loosing my patience. How soon can I reach my ideal weight? What shortcuts can I take to reach that goal faster? These are the thoughts running through my mind.

In 2012, I weighed about 242.5 pounds and my self-confidence was at the bottom of a pit, never to see day light. Subconsciously, I would never look at a mirror and didn’t realize that until I lost some of that weight. It took me about 6 months to lose 53 pounds. Since then it’s been on a standstill. Why? Because I lost my patience.

The trick to maintaining weight loss is to  remain patient as hard work does take time to pay off. When has achieving quicker results ever been long-lived? To keep that fat off, one would need to maintain a steady pace of work outs and healthy meal plans. For a long-lasting result, one would need to put their patience to test and get out of their comfort zone.

Main element here is time. Set a Me-time and then schedule gym / outdoors as part of your activities. Try to focus on an hour and a half of workout nothing less than that. Focus on your ideal weight / dress size / body shape / core areas to shed weight. Make room for flexibility so that, in any case, if your me-time is compromised, you can work out elsewhere or in anytime of the day. This way you can avoid making excuses.

The inThree-feet-from-golditial struggle will always remain constant. Have you ever heard of  – ‘No pain, No gain!’ Well its true! The hard work that you put in will go to waste if you lose your patience in between when you are almost there. It’s easy to give up and it takes mental strength to stick to your objectives. Always remember the power is in your mind. It is possible to achieve your heart’s desire if you put your mind to it. The CHOICE (see earlier blog) is yours to make.

Today, I’m focusing on my weight loss goal and if I ever lose my patience, I’ll come back to this post and read it to regain it. What about you?

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