Vampires do exist…..

Gotcha! 🙂 Well I wasn’t lying when I said (I mean wrote) that! They do, in the form of negative people – whose underlying objective is to suck all the positive energy out of you and make you more like them. Does that make sense? Look around you and you might have one or two in each friend circle or work place. Found them?!! Energy_vampire

Ofcourse, they don’t do this on purpose and that they’ve been branded (hehehe). But, I don’t think either of us want to be drained of our positive energy. These vampires can be categorised into Jealous, Needy, Guilty and Pessimist kinds. But, obviously, not limited to these categories. There is a possibility to identify other categories (Drama Queen, Blamers, etc) and also find combinations of two or more traits in a single person.

Jealousy – very negative by nature – forces you to think and act in a negative way to compensate the feeling of insecurity and anticipated loss. These guys (both men and women) drain out the positive energy by literally making you feel less than that 100%. Confidence levels deteriorate, you begin to doubt yourself and, worse yet, you will be pushed to act in ways that damages your image.

The Needy are the ones who constantly need attention and validation from others. Their conversations are always self-centered and about their problems. They lack self-awareness and regard everybody else to be the problem. At times they put you in a situation where you will need to validate them and if you don’t then you are accused for not understanding them.

The Guilty – subtle manipulation that helps one to control another’s behaviour. Have you encountered this type before? The guilt trippers find ways, in tune with your emotion, to manipulate your behaviour that is favorable to them. Since you have a conscience, the guilty type will play the martyr and use guilt against you to get what they want.

The Pessimist are the worst of its kind. They drain the most energy as they are always negative. No matter how positive the situation, surrounding or the people are, they can never be anything but negative. They are always fixated to the doom of everything and cannot accept that things can be better given the “Choice” (see earlier blog on Choice).

There are many more types of these negative people who cross your paths on a daily basis. All seem to be connected by a string of emotions. The only way to keep yourself from getting drained of energy is to empathize with the above individuals and consider analyzing where they are coming from. How did this trait come about? Stay grounded and focused on what is within you – the light, the positive energy. Try to be a listener – at times all they need is someone to listen to. Surround the person with positivity – at times it takes more than you to bring that about. Try bringing together a group of positive people. And if you are strong enough, try to help them reduce the negativity within them. ofcourse, if all else fails, then, drastic measures can be taken – cut off the source.

While writing this I realized who these energy vampires are in my life. Have you figured out who your vampires are?

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