Change is inevitable, but where to start from….

Everybody waChangents to change the world and to a certain extent its possible. But how do you change the world when you aren’t willing to change yourself? similarly, its easy to point out people’s mistakes and say, “hey, you need to change that in order to bring out the positive outcome!”. But are you able to look within and see what you need to change for a positive result. The answer is plain – “Ah! I didn’t think of it that way.”

Everyone has a role to play in this world. Just like every drop of water put together makes the ocean. In the same way, every small action taken up one an individual triggers a motion that leads to change. It’s not necessary to do something big in order to bring about change. I get it, most of us are so engrossed with our own lives. Like me, I sit and think of what to write next, instead of making that small change. Hence, I’m writing this. Go out there and see what you can do. You’d be surprised by your capability. Unless you test the waters, you wont’ know how good a swimmer you can be.

Start with what’s in your power. Follow a charitable organization (see earlier blog Drikshya) – volunteer or donate – and then grow out of the box. Venture out into newer ideas and you’ll see the change then becomes you and you become the cause for that change.

P.S Dont thank me now, thank me later! 🙂

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