Pace Yourself Slowly

Goal-Setting-TipsThere is a lot of difference between multitasking and taking on more than usual on your plate. One main difference between the two is how successfully the tasks were completed.

It is true that humans are surprising creatures. Imagine we only use 8% of our brain! What we could do with even 20% seems unimaginable yet promising that a lot could be accomplished. As humans, we are also known to make mistakes and tend to take on too many projects at one shot only to think that all can be accomplished if we brought ourselves to it. That, I’m afraid, is pushing yourself towards the edge only to fall off head on straight onto a pile of rocks. Consequence? Brain scrambled, increase in stress levels, health issues, etc, will be the topics of main concern followed by low productivity and confidence levels.

To achieve something in life, every person derives a goal and creates plans on how to achieve that. But in order to achieve those, how effective would it be if those goals were broken down further into smaller and more achievable ones? It makes it easier to maintain pace, be on track and make room for flexibility in case plan A didn’t work. What happens when you take on too many projects? The focus tends to get lost, the ideas missed, goals changed every other minute depending on the time you finally have, time management gone wrong and of course that gnawing thought at the back of your head stating that you have failed. Sure enough, confidence levels and self-esteem gets affected. Sky-rocketing stress will add on the pressure and, finally, you lose hope and the spark to achieve that goal.

Be positive, use a flow chart to keep a record of your smaller goals and plan your goals wisely. This will create a positive state of mind through accomplishments and give that push to do better. Human capabilities are beyond what one could imagine. But going overboard due to the zest of achieving far beyond anyone will just bring about more failure than success.

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