Fear of Loneliness

girl-alone-lonely-loneliness-beach-favim-com-463157No man can live on an island alone. Hence, the fear of being alone can push you to do things to ensure you don’t ever have to be alone. It forces you to try and please people so that they will not think of leaving you. The constant effort of proving you existence so that you do not become ‘out-sight-out-of-mind’ can be exhausting.

But all that external noise can clog your thinking capability. Has it occurred that what people think is, often, pushed on you leading you to make decisions of your life based on their opinions? So where does one have the time to think for themselves when all they do is listen to others?

You need to place yourself in a quiet place for some me-time. Don’t mistake the word quiet here to anything non-noisy. It’s a fact that some of us can think in the most noisiest of places because we are accustomed to it. I love the beach, the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. The luminous reflection of the moon or the sun on the sea bed creating an effect of tranquility. This is where I can sit down and think for myself and go over my life’s scenes. Talk to myself or Him and stare at the sky and its heavenly bodies almost as if waiting for a reply to my question. Sometimes I wonder, whether the stars act like the eyes for the universe to witness people and their lives. Then, I get reminded that each and every element of the universe is created singularly and compliments the other. Just like a puzzle, all the elements fit together to form what we call life. Similarly, I was meant to compliment the others. And for that, each of us need to shine alone. At the end, loneliness becomes your fear if you do not accept it as part of your existence.

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