Version of My Love

Heart-Drop-Painting-WallpaperWhen all you can think of is that one individual. All you want to do is keep him happy. All you can think is being there for him even it meant strolling late in the night in my jammies. Everything I say, do, think, act and behave revolves around him. Just to see him smile I would do anything, even if it was most embarrassing thing to do. My version of love is him!

The one who understands me and my thoughts. One you can read me like a book without having to say anything (I admit its creepy at times, but it feels safe to know that only one person can do that in your life. If to many then you’re predictable!). One who appreciates everything I do for him. Even a fight seems like an episode of love. The love which our souls can share other than our physical bodies. The more he keeps my soul happy, the more I will truly love him. This is my version of his love for me.

Love is to me is soulful. True happiness lies within your soul. And that’s soul mates last forever. Look into you to find out what your soul mate looks like. And that, my friends, will guide you to loving yourself and then finding that true love. It all begins from you.

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