Tip that bucket list….

imagesOk, so I’ve created this bucket list. There have been so many articles, passages, write-ups and posts on creating your bucket list and crossing each one once fulfilled. I too, like many ordinary individuals, prepare one for my action. Things I want to do in life and say I’ve done so. Things I want to experience and things I’m passionate about. So, here we go, I will strike each one-off that I’ve accomplished. I will be so proud of myself once I get this done. I’ll just keep the list safely in my book for now.

Days, weeks and months have passed. I stumble upon that list and say to myself, “Isn’t this the list I made last time as my bucket list”. I read it and cross all the one’s I didn’t do only to realize that I did not tip my bucket. Instead I added a few more to the list of things I want to do.

I guess the point I’m making is it might be easy to create a bucket list, but what we do with that list after is quite revealing the true nature of our desire which was present while creating that list in the first place. With all the time in the world, how is it that we don’t end up making time to do things we love doing. Laziness can be one factor. Another could be distractions within the world we live in. Daily we are distracted with stuff in life that, at most times, we forget ourselves. Unfortunately, we take life for granted and never realize that we won’t be living for long. In all honestly, would we have rather lived a fulfilled life than a life chasing the idea of living happy? The truth is you would rather live a happy life by doing what keeps you happy.

bucket_listOfcourse, your bucket list has to be realistic. I don’t think ‘Get rich and die’ should be in your bucket list. Look at what would you like to do or see or experience before you die. One of things I added to my bucket list was to travel a new country or a new city every year. After travelling to Thailand, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Oman, Sri Lanka and different cities in India, I can say I’m proud to have been able to fulfill this one. Many more explorations and adventures in store for me, that’s for sure. And I will be looking forward to it.

After reading this, if you’re writing down a list for your own bucket list – that’s good! But it will be awesome if got up and went about doing them. That I would say is a fulfilled life. Tip that bucket!

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