They said…..

They said you’ll never make it. They said you should do this and do that to be where you are supposed to be. They feel you ought to act and behave in a certain way to be accepted. They said and you always believed, thinking that what they say is meant for your own good. But how good was it? Constructive criticism is one thing, but creating a social norm in which you need be the kind of person that will be accepted by all is another.

Should you follow what everyone says is the right thing for you? Long have people imposed their perceptions on you. How long before you realize that people’s ideology were meant to understand contexts and not adhere to? Nobody gets to know how you feel inside or what you’re going through in life. Now if those facts are unknown to them, then why do we believe what they think you should do is the right norm to follow?

Break these social chains where if you do not listen or act then you end up facing their resentment. Do what you think is right and be comfortable in your decisions. From people-pleaser to pleasing yourself. There will be a sense of peace if you follow yourself than what others have to say. That certain dependency will be lifted giving you that confidence that you’ve been looking for.

Believe in yourself!

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