O·ver·am·bi·tious – Ambitious to an excessive degree!

One of the hot topics of individual concern is being overambitious. So many times we go ahead of ourselves with what  we should do and what we can do. Not saying that we are incapable, but, just merely pointing out the realities here.

For an individual it is quite difficult to notice when you have crossed that thin line between being ambitious and overambitious. This is because you are so focused on that goal that you don’t care to see what you’re doing and how you getting there. All you see is the end of your tunnel vision and everything around seems to be blur. But while you’re at it, you also tend to be pretentious too.

How can one identify whether they are overambitious or not?

  • Starting projects but never really finishing them. Taking on too many tasks at one time to reach a particular goal that you envisioned.
  • Any slight indication of failure to succeed leads one to drop projects or leave them incomplete with an agenda to restart at a later stage.
  • Too much enthusiasm leads to clutter of information on various subjects and, hence, leaves one in a confused state of mind.
  • Spreading yourself too thin. Taking up too many unrealistic plans at the same time, bringing yourself to a level of dissatisfaction if the plans don’t succeed.
  • Disregarding people, values, sentiments and morals around you just so you can reach you objectives.

Mostly, the overambitious trait does come off looking negative for any individual. Especially, when sentiments and morals are ignored and when the outcome of plans turn out be disappointing.

To me, patience is a virtue and to stay safe from turning into an overambitious person, it should be practised even more.

“Is is said that those who study the ways of ambition learn patience.”
Jean Plaidy, The Sixth Wife

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