Glad Game

The character Pollyanna from the Disney movie of the same name plays a positive thinking game she calls “the glad game.”

Number of Players: 2 or more

How is it played?

One person brings up a negative event, like losing a job, and starts off saying, “I’ve just lost my job and am trying not to panic.”

The other players provoke the first player to think positively by starting off a phrase, such as, “But now that I’ve lost my job, I’ll have more time to ____________________.”

The first player, then, fills in the blank with a positive word or phrase, like “take a walk every morning,” or “start the novel I’ve wanted to write.”

Aim of the Game: To search for the silver lining in even a relatively disastrous event is the optimistic basis for the “glad game.”

Try it! Share your experiences if it works well. There is no saying on the number of times you may need to play the game to feel better. But the fact that you played the game indicates that you are willing to make that choice of being happy again.

Not only will it expose you to the positive aura but also helps people understand you better.

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