Dreaming Bigger

One relaxed afternoon, sipping my tea and reminiscing on the years that rolled by. So many memories! Some good, some bad, some adorable, some horrible, some forgettable and some to remember. Each made a connection to my sensory nerves and created beautiful understandings. Made me the person I am today. But in that process, looking to what I am doing right now, I never once thought that I would get out of the usual line-up and start writing. I always did dream big, but I never dreamed BIGGER!

I’ve had so many telling me don’t take risks. I’m sure a lot of us do face that, planting a seed of doubt. Some of them say that our of concern and some, well, out of jealousy or lack of empathy. But at the end, how you succeed is entirely on you. Could anyone understand the pain you might have gone through? I don’t think so. Then why let anyone define how much of success you really need.

Don’t be afraid on dreaming bigger than big. As an individual, you do have the ability to calculate the amount of risks you can take and where you stand in your life. Just go do it what you intend on doing. The rest will fall into place.

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