Want Vs. Need

Yes, I do know what I want………..but do I need it!

It’s true that, in today’s every so changing world, our wants are every so changing too. What we think we desire for is not truly what we need at all and what we need is cleverly disguised in our wants. I guess what I’m trying to say is we intend to want something and, with no further guilt, disguise it as a need.

In actual sense, once these wants are fulfilled, Humans tend to look for another want to satisfy. So the process goes like this:

  • Identify the Want
  • Make it a Need
  • Develop steps in fulfilling that Need
  • Satisfied – Yes or No
  • Yes! Identify another Want
  • No! Keep developing steps and if your still unsatisfied find the next best want that will fulfil your desire.

This is how we work. But somehow in this whole cycle, the question “Do we need it?” tries to surface. Depending on how desperate you are to fulfill the need, that question will either be ignored or answered. Most times the former than the latter.

This truly shows how much of a control we have over our lives. Not only do we get influenced by means of selling but we also do give in to our wants very easily. Maslow’s theory does point out why we do what we do. But do we need it?

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