How many of us follow our passion? Answer would be – A Few!

Could life be more demanding where you need to let go of your passion and follow the zombie trail – chasing money, doing something you don’t like, unhappy because you have no time for yourself or family.

But here’s some hope for those who think it’s “Too Late”.

  1. Mark – a former Financial employee, who I met at a friend’s birthday barbecue party, left his job to pursue his sports career in Squash. The sport made him very happy and is currently writing a book on how to pursue your passion.
  2. Shelly – a hair stylist from the United Kingdom – I met her during my visit to the salon that emloyed her. She was only 6 months old in my city. Asked her what made her get into this job. She narrated her childhood passion when her mother used to take her to the salon. She used to love the noise  and buzzing from tools used in the salon. That’s when she decided she wanted to be a hair stylist. One fine day, she decided she needed to leave the comforts of her home and try another city to pursue her passion.

There are so many others I meet on a daily basis who were brave enough to let go of their monotonous and steady-income-paying jobs; just to ride the band wagon of passion and follow their dreams.

Follow your passion to be happy. It will be a struggle to find your foothold at first. The fulfillment, after that, is another level of experience.

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