BURNT_OG_1200x630To all the men-folk, the way to a woman’s heart is to cook for her and has nothing to do with flowers, cars, or a diamond ring. Well, a diamond ring can be a cherry on top! We women dig men in aprons and that is a fact. The thought of your man in the kitchen burning his fingers to cook something that is worthy of you is deeply sentimental.

Burnt (2015) starring Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Daniel Bruhl, Matthew Rhys, Emma Thompson and Uma Thurman, showcases the harsh struggles of Chefs to maintain the highest star rating in the industry. Chef Adams Jones (Bradley Cooper) rose to his fame with his passion to create explosive tastes in his kitchen. But due to his erratic behavior and drug abuse led him to lose his credibility – he lost it all. To rise again, Chef Jones will have to leave his past behind, rebuild himself and work with the best of the best, including Helene (Sienna Miller).

Burnt 5The story, although emotional, is not your typical weepy movie with violins playing in the background. The writers’ dexterous intelligence was able to bring in the humor and keep the viewers engaged to the movie. The dialogues did have a combination of wit, light sarcasm and subtle inspiration. BurntThe movie very cleverly utilizes the cinematography to present profiles of each character and gets you to believe that you are already acquainted. It illustrates the actuality of struggles of a top-notch chef, maintaining relationships, pulling out of bad habits, believing in yourself and passion. It beautifully highlights that life is all about second chances. And if you are a food lover, then you will most definitely love the array of mouth-watering meals presented throughout the movie. However, the movie did lack a little bit of drama around his past that would have created a deeper impression. Burnt 2

In summary, the film was able to highlight the main characteristics such as the struggles and passion, as well as human emotions. But for an emotional story, it lacked a little bit of drama.

P.S. Men do look hot in aprons.

Burnt (2015) is out in cinemas near you!

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