We are all survivors. It is now become very important to stop and think in this fast paced life; and say I survived this. Every person has some story behind who they have become. No matter what was right or wrong, you got here because of what you have experienced so far. Life is a mix of different kinds of people and different situations. The choices you have made and will make will define the person you are or will be. Life is all about challenges and how you, as a player in the game, are able to pass the many levels until you reach your final destination. There is, however, one thing everyone must understand is that no matter how many times you fail in a level of life, you can still try again.  In a more dramatic sense, you are still ALIVE! Hence, do not think that failing at some point means it’s the end of your life.

So, the next time you feel like you failed, do not be disappointed. Sometimes you need to fail in order to learn. Want to know how to get out of disappointment, read this – Good Distractions

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