We are all survivors. It is now become very important to stop and think in this fast paced life; and say I survived this. Continue reading


Life has been throwing a number of challenges my way. Past couple of weeks , this year, has been quite disturbing. Many resolutions made and broken at the same time. Even after a little soul-searching and realizing what I need to do next; life always finds a way to twist things and, suddenly, I feel like I’m back to square one. Confused and staring at the wall, I try to gain momentum of my life that seems to be passing by. But, life is too fast for me to play catch with. I need to keep moving, I need to let go of all that is weighing me down and catch up with my life and be able to live it.

What should I do?


How many of us follow our passion? Answer would be – A Few!

Could life be more demanding where you need to let go of your passion and follow the zombie trail – chasing money, doing something you don’t like, unhappy because you have no time for yourself or family.

But here’s some hope for those who think it’s “Too Late”.

  1. Mark – a former Financial employee, who I met at a friend’s birthday barbecue party, left his job to pursue his sports career in Squash. The sport made him very happy and is currently writing a book on how to pursue your passion.
  2. Shelly – a hair stylist from the United Kingdom – I met her during my visit to the salon that emloyed her. She was only 6 months old in my city. Asked her what made her get into this job. She narrated her childhood passion when her mother used to take her to the salon. She used to love the noise¬† and buzzing from tools used in the salon. That’s when she decided she wanted to be a hair stylist. One fine day, she decided she needed to leave the comforts of her home and try another city to pursue her passion.

There are so many others I meet on a daily basis who were brave enough to let go of their monotonous and steady-income-paying jobs; just to ride the band wagon of passion and follow their dreams.

Follow your passion to be happy. It will be a struggle to find your foothold at first. The fulfillment, after that, is another level of experience.

Letting Go…..

Easier said than done! For ages, those who have been affected emotionally, it has been very difficult to let go than advising someone to let go. Ofcourse, why should we let go of it. Afterall, we’ve been extremely hurt due to whatever the situation was or by a person itself. So what happens after that, we either start seeking revenge or hide inwardly in order to not expose our vulnerability. Both consequences further lead to a pathway of more sorrow and pain. When will this stop? Do we need to find other means to distract ourselves from all this? This way we will only spread negativity.

Before we find solutions for what we can see, we need to analyse what lies within us. Have we considered what is that one element that causes us not to let go? Why do we find it difficult to let go? Is it our need, our ego, false requirements or social pressure? This isn’t pointing out that we are weak so we feel pain. No! This is about accepting pain and moving on. Pain, sorrows, unhappiness, negative emotions are all meant to be felt and later understood. That is the way of life where you feel pain just to appreciate all the good things in life. But why do we feel all good things have come to an end when we go through disappointments.

Simple! We are scared of the future. It is true that human beings fear when they cannot see ahead. It’s just like when we do not know where we are stepping in the dark. In this case, we cannot see ourselves happy in the future, if we face emotional hurt now. That is everybody’s inside story. But how we deal with this temporary emotional blindness differs from person to person. Some of us remain strong but shut off our emotions, whilst, others shatter even with the slightest touch.

In all this we completely forget ourselves, what we are, what we have accomplished and how we matter to the rest of the world. If there was plenty of self-confidence that we will be happy again, there would’ve been less time spent on grieving. We are worthy and the sooner we know our worth the easier it gets to let go. Why do we still need to determine our worth from others? Do we need others to acknowledge our existence? Why do we let our happiness be driven from others and not from within?

If we are capable of making others happy, then I’m sure, we are quite capable of creating happiness for ourselves and within ourselves. The world will always criticize what they think is a threat to them. Do not let people or situations change you for the worst. Instead take everything and make something better out of it.

Stand today in front of a mirror and see yourself from top to bottom. Remember the times you have made someone smile, the times you helped somebody through a situation, the times where you spread your love. There is no way of proving that your life isn’t worth something. Finally, smile at yourself when you realize that you are worth more than what you think. This will set you free. Let go of that thought that you cannot be happy again.

Pen It!

DiaryDear Diary,

Today I did something I never imagined I would…………….

Most times, the aged old habit of writing your day in a diary was considered to be too much of a hassle or due to lack of privacy it did not catch on. But most of all, people were laughed at for keeping such a diary. I used to be one of those who laughed.

Now, 100+ posts later, I feel the best tool to vent out your thoughts and, moreover, give your thoughts a certain direction, is writing. Scribble, doodle, do as much writing you like, the end result will always be positive. Whatever emotions you have that has been buried deep inside for long and needs to be released to experience relieve, pen it. Read it and understand it.

If you think no one can understand you, then write it, read it and understand yourself what and who you truly are. In this world of distractions, it sometimes gets too easy to lose yourself. Trace yourself back when reading your earlier posts to remember what it used to be like to be you.

It is, ofcourse, difficult at the start due to the many fears you may have. But once you overcome them, writing will come so naturally. Sometimes, it isn’t about writing for others, but merely, for you to read and reminisce.

Go on then. Pen your current emotion down and see how you feel. Come back tomorrow and read what you wrote and the understanding will dawn on you.

Good Distractions

The younger me was always distracted when in school. Mom would walk in during my day dreaming sessions. And obviously, like any childhood, I was shouted at a lot. “You better not get distracted and get back to your studying, young woman!”, my mom would say. Yes, distraction always meant negative. The moment I’m distracted, I tend to lose out on precious minutes or those pieces of information. Since then distraction was always considered negative (distraction = negative impact).

Until I met heartache!

I was torn, heartbroken, felt lonely and betrayed. All this behind that one small stroke on my face called smile. Held it all within only to realize that the walls were cracking open and that these feelings were trying to burst open to tear me apart.

Then, Eureka! I figured it out. What if I was distracted? What if I got myself busy doing things that I wouldn’t otherwise do? What if I put the quote ‘Nothing’s impossible’ to test?

I started reading;

I started studying;

I started volunteering;

I started participating in sports;

I started keeping in touch with people;

I started to write;

And finally, my favorite, I started blogging.

I distracted myself and turned a whole new leaf with my life. The change was tremendous, but it was for the better. I still look back at the dark alley that I walked out from only to see what I went through as lessons learnt. I still look into the eyes of the enemy and admit that I am no longer in their control.

Never knew that something so adverse could be useful in cancelling out something more unfavourable.¬† It takes courage and all the strength from within to do this. For all those who feel you are alone – you are not. If you believe in yourself, then you wouldn’t need anyone else. Stay positive!

Compete With Yesterday-Self

Just a passing thought, as I look back to where I used to be a year ago. It looks like I took a giant leap to come to the place I’m at right now.

Who would have thought I’d start writing a blog? No sir, I did not! I thought I’d be happy in a normal 9 to 5 job just making enough to make ends meet. But I craved for more. I needed to do something more to feel fulfilled. Like as if I’m living the purpose that I was meant to in the first place. However, I wasn’t feeling that way a year ago. Somewhere deep down I knew that I was capable to do great things. But I just didn’t know what and how. I was too distracted with emotions, situations and people in my life.

Then it dawned on me. The constant letting down made me break loose. At first, I looked for odd things to do as distraction so I could obtain that peace of mind. I didn’t want to see myself at the bottom of a sorrow pool – DEAD! I have a life – just needed to remember that I exist.

I, eventually, took up photography, painting, volunteering and blogging all at the same time. Almost! And today I run this blog, writing my experiences and thoughts, showcasing that it’s really not that bad to be hurt. In fact, it brings the best out of you . Like a diamond polished through harsh methods. We all are strong if we choose to be. But we are humans at the end of the day. We do make mistakes. I say the mind is the most powerful thing in the world. And we use only 10% of our brain.

Next time you get beat down by something, a situation or SOMEONE. Remember that you are and have always been important and better days will come around. Think of the good times you had and move on. Let this make you strive harder and expect a lot more from yourself today.

Yesterday I was emotional weak, didn’t believe in myself, lazy, hurt, negative. Today I’m strong, in full control of my life and going places.

I am competing with my yesterday-self. Are you?