love_poem_400x400So once again loved and hurt. Again put myself in a mess that I try to get out of. Is it difficult to trust someone with your heart? Is it fair for the next person in my life, who may be trustworthy, to go through a thorough investigation process. By the end of it he might just get fed up. The words ‘I’ll never leave you.’ will never mean the same again if coming from who, probably, loves you. But because of the wall that you have built due to previous bad experiences, you may not be able to see it through a peephole.

So why and how do I get into this mess? Answer is simple. Like most, I seek companion ship. Somebody to be with and don’t have to try hard to impress. Where I can be myself and still be loved. And so when I do like someone, I only dream about the good things that will come. I think of the positives of being with that person. And with this I prepare myself, how I would act or react or behave. All good!

But, I’ve ignored the BAD. I forgot to think about the situations that are negative. What would happen if a predicament arises where I need to choose between him and sticking to my standards. Will I neglect what I stand by only because I love the good times he and I  have shared?  Will I forego the right only because the times I’ve been happy with the little companionship that he gave me. The answer is a big, wrong YES! I’m not about to lose that because of this. Sadly, the fear within me of losing that one thing that gives me a happiness gets the better of me. Tacking the dilemma becomes difficult.

But, Lo Behold! He starts losing interest and respect for moi (French for me)! More arguments, more excuses, more ‘you don’t understand me at all’. That’s all I get to hear. Then the emotional blackmailing and then the overload on your brain thinking what happened and why it happened.

So the actual question to ask here is “Why did I allow this to take over my life?”. I’m not against love, I’m just against the idea of what love should be. And losing your identity ain’t one of them (wished I could show but I do this whole snapping the finger and swaying it forming an S in the air. LOL! Those who know me can relate).

Why forget who I am for few seconds of happiness. After these heart aches, I normally moan and say I don’t believe in love. But the actual truth is love gives hope, a sense of purpose to live for most people – Unconsciously! Give it a thought. The whole warm fuzzy feeling inside is, actually, you appreciating life.13-Imagenes-de-amor-palabra-Love-para-compartir-love-amor

They say, “Be yourself”. There is a reason. We change the moment we find love. We start ‘EXPECTING’. This is only because we see things around us happen and so want the same to happen to us. Do not compare and you will be happy. They also say, “Be happy with you have”. Makes any sense?

We all share the same kind of problems and issues in love life. Somehow we see other people making mistakes and do not learn from it. There is no manual on love or life that you can follow. There is no rule that you need to stick. All you can do is learn from your mistakes and experiences. Those who hurt me – Thank you! If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be this strong.

Love is a feeling not a responsibility. Love has to be felt and not to be fulfilled as a duty. Continue to love as all this world needs is Love!



Version of My Love

Heart-Drop-Painting-WallpaperWhen all you can think of is that one individual. All you want to do is keep him happy. All you can think is being there for him even it meant strolling late in the night in my jammies. Everything I say, do, think, act and behave revolves around him. Just to see him smile I would do anything, even if it was most embarrassing thing to do. My version of love is him!

The one who understands me and my thoughts. One you can read me like a book without having to say anything (I admit its creepy at times, but it feels safe to know that only one person can do that in your life. If to many then you’re predictable!). One who appreciates everything I do for him. Even a fight seems like an episode of love. The love which our souls can share other than our physical bodies. The more he keeps my soul happy, the more I will truly love him. This is my version of his love for me.

Love is to me is soulful. True happiness lies within your soul. And that’s soul mates last forever. Look into you to find out what your soul mate looks like. And that, my friends, will guide you to loving yourself and then finding that true love. It all begins from you.

Fear of Loneliness

girl-alone-lonely-loneliness-beach-favim-com-463157No man can live on an island alone. Hence, the fear of being alone can push you to do things to ensure you don’t ever have to be alone. It forces you to try and please people so that they will not think of leaving you. The constant effort of proving you existence so that you do not become ‘out-sight-out-of-mind’ can be exhausting.

But all that external noise can clog your thinking capability. Has it occurred that what people think is, often, pushed on you leading you to make decisions of your life based on their opinions? So where does one have the time to think for themselves when all they do is listen to others?

You need to place yourself in a quiet place for some me-time. Don’t mistake the word quiet here to anything non-noisy. It’s a fact that some of us can think in the most noisiest of places because we are accustomed to it. I love the beach, the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. The luminous reflection of the moon or the sun on the sea bed creating an effect of tranquility. This is where I can sit down and think for myself and go over my life’s scenes. Talk to myself or Him and stare at the sky and its heavenly bodies almost as if waiting for a reply to my question. Sometimes I wonder, whether the stars act like the eyes for the universe to witness people and their lives. Then, I get reminded that each and every element of the universe is created singularly and compliments the other. Just like a puzzle, all the elements fit together to form what we call life. Similarly, I was meant to compliment the others. And for that, each of us need to shine alone. At the end, loneliness becomes your fear if you do not accept it as part of your existence.

Moving On….

UntitledThey say change is inevitable. But how easy is it to cope with? How can one accept any change when they just got used to some things that took so long to get used to in the first place. Is it fair to say that we must accept change? A little about me – I hate change unless it is a pleasant one like weight loss. But losing someone can be the worst. What’s extreme is when that particular someone changes. Somehow – those long drives together, the sitting on a bench beside the creek together, those midnight calls while in two separate countries, clicking and sharing pictures and voice notes, those words ‘I’ll never leave you’ and even that one burger dipped in sauce to be fed – all seem like distant memories. Memories were meant to cherish. But will cherishing them help me move on? I don’t think so.

Easy to say but hard to do, memories are to be forgotten before it turns into pain. Before any encounter turns into a fight and before any sight becomes an injury to the heart. The hardest part is to move on without that one element. But once you have passed that phase, it will get easier to breathe, easier to see beyond a certain point. They say to move forward you need to stop looking backward. But the heart always wants what it wants, what it has lost and left behind.

I guess with this experience, I can say, the heart hopes for the impossible and the mind predicts what is possible. Hence, my heart says be patient but my mind says it was a game and you’ve been played. Hence, move on before it gets tougher. Quit before you become a joke. Take care of yourself and don’t expect much. Love yourself and live the fullest. Do what you love doing and don’t underestimate yourself. Move on since life keeps on moving. The universe keeps moving. Your life keeps moving. Move On!

Advise for the hopefuls…

inspirational-quotes-about-change-and-love-and-lifeThis holds true for most women who tend to go back to the ones who have treated them wrongly. I won’t deny, but, I may portray this image. Been in such situations where I, literally, ask the question to myself – “Why do I keep coming back for more?” And then I answer – “Oh, right! I won’t give up on hope that someday he will change.”

I understand this and it saddens me to think that this will only eat away my self-esteem and confidence. My advise is that it is ok to be hopeful, but, make sure you maintain a distance and be hopeful. The closer you get to the element the more your esteem and confidence deteriorates. A relationship that reminds you of pain and anguish is not worth your soul.

You need to be seen as a door to a good life and not as a doormat to clean shoes on. So to my fellow women folk, do not forget who you are and involve in yourself before you get involved. That way you will be confident about yourself and remind yourself the kind of woman you are every time you feel low. Be you and love you for others to love you the way you are. You will then never have to change to make someone else happy.


Live in the moment!

“How many of us can right now, at this moment say “I am happy and content with my life” I guess not many. Although I hope many of us would say so.
The reason why people aren’t happy is simple! We aren’t living our lives to the fullest. Solution? Don’t delay the things you plan to do, memories you wish to cherish, achievements you wish and what not. Don’t wait for the right moment. Go ahead and do it right now or at least fix a date when you are going to do it instead of simply putting it as a decorative sticky note on your pretty clean calendar.
You can do it right now because it’s your life, it’s yours to live and cherish.
Do not base your happiness on a condition. Happiness can be found in the smallest things and memories. You just need to go ahead and make it happen.
Complain less and live more 😀 “
By Guest Blogger – Prachi Vidhani

Yup, I can…….

Since the beginning of time, planting doubts into someone’s thoughts has come so naturally to humans.

You want to do something and ask around for opinions – What do you get? Either they aren’t sure you can or they just don’t care what you do with your life. Ofcourse, there are those who encourage too. But if you think you cannot, then it’s impossible to achieve anything at all.

About a year ago, I thought I wasn’t capable enough. Had dreams but was always doubtful if I’d be able to make it possible. Believing in me was something that I could not do. There I go again! The words ‘I cannot’ is so strong that it can destroy what little faith you have in yourself. That coupled with negativity can lead you spiralling down and keep you there till as long as YOU want to.

I started reading books – enhancing positive thinking, how to’s, do it yourself, etc. I started processing the information and began planning on how to regain my confidence. Bear in mind that different techniques works differently for each person. I needed to build on positivity, mostly from within. Today I can proudly say, I’m involved with Drikshya (check out my post in September), Head of Photography Club at St. Mary’s Church, Dubai and maintaining the St. Mary’s Catholic Sports Community Facebook page –

It is important to know your worth and your capabilities. That along with confidence can help achieve goals. Change ‘I cannot!’ to ‘I can!’

Today your task is to meditate on ‘I CAN’ and go out there and dream big. It is possible!