Mount Lavinia – Sri Lanka

If yoMLu are unsure how Heaven looks like, then do not get disheartened. There is a possibility to experience glimpses of Heaven here on Earth. Mount Lavinia in Sri Lanka happens to be one of those places that seems like a secret haven for all those lovers to renew their love or start a journey of love. Either that, or simply, for those who require a bit of soul-searching.

Built in 1806, by the British as The Governor’s Palace, was a symbol of power and authority that was placed on Sir Thomas Maitland. It was here where his eyes fell on a beautiful mestizo dancer, Lovina Aponsuwa, who was a lead dancer of her father’s troupe. She would perform for Sir Thomas who was mesmerized by her beauty and grace.  As a token of his growing love for her, he decided to name the mansion after her – Mount Lavinia. The romance was short-lived – 6 years – due to his death. But till date the story continues to loom in Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon) of a Lady Lavinia and how she captured the heart of a distinguished British Governor.mount lavinia_06_entrance_730x520

From pillar to pillar, walls to walls and ceiling to floor, every brick felt like it was emanating love. The air was filled with sweet aroma of the feeling that you normally describe when you are in love. The sound of the waves crashing on the shore and the twitter of the birds during the day brings in so much of inner peace and tranquility. If this is not heaven, then I can only imagine that heaven would be far greater and this would be just mere glimpse of it.

Mount Lavinia seems to embrace all the elements of nature and what seems like the only man-made element is the mansion itself.  Located in the coastal town and just 12 kilometres south of the city of Colombo, the beauty of this mansion was further enhanced with its natural surroundings. It is situated atop a rock and looks over the aquamarine waters of the Indian Ocean.

mount-lavinia-hotel-mount-lavinia-sri-lanka+1152_12902910933-tpfil02aw-4443The history along with the beauty makes this truly a go-to destination for all those who need that peace of mind or just to feel loved. The beach, sand and love are all elements of my life that makes me whole. My experience at this place was a little more than beautiful. If there is a word for that, let me know!