Every individual carries some positivity inside of them. It’s up to them how they harness this within themselves. Listen to your heart. Think what is right and do what is right. Think how your actions would impact those around you and, ultimately, affect you. It is true that if you surround yourself with positive people, you in turn become positive. But I believe that positive surrounding is only just a wall that protects your positivity.

The world is full of negativity. It doesn’t need more negative people. What can you do today that can rid someone’s negativity?

A lovely quote I’d like to share by Edith Warton.

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”

Go Get It!

“It’s like I’m finally free!”, said those who break rules that limits you to follow your dreams. Continue reading

7 tips to improve your PR strategy

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The Most Expensive Gift


Think about the only element in your life that you can lose and never get back. Once it’s spent you can never turn it around. Time is the essence of life. The time well spent will bear fruitful results in the future. In school, if time spent well will definitely lead to better grades. At work, time spent in higher productivity, yields  either promotions or bonuses. In relationships, time well spent with each other, increases understanding and commitment with each other.

In every aspect of life, time has proven to be the most valuable of all assets. But it has also been taken for granted. For those who lost their lives or are on their death beds, always thought if they only had more time on Earth, they could have fulfilled most of their dreams and made the right decisions. There is no such thing as the right time. Any time is best time. Time waits for no one.

Let’s get up and use the time at hand to make life a better living, shall we?

Want Vs. Need

Yes, I do know what I want………..but do I need it!

It’s true that, in today’s every so changing world, our wants are every so changing too. What we think we desire for is not truly what we need at all and what we need is cleverly disguised in our wants. I guess what I’m trying to say is we intend to want something and, with no further guilt, disguise it as a need.

In actual sense, once these wants are fulfilled, Humans tend to look for another want to satisfy. So the process goes like this:

  • Identify the Want
  • Make it a Need
  • Develop steps in fulfilling that Need
  • Satisfied – Yes or No
  • Yes! Identify another Want
  • No! Keep developing steps and if your still unsatisfied find the next best want that will fulfil your desire.

This is how we work. But somehow in this whole cycle, the question “Do we need it?” tries to surface. Depending on how desperate you are to fulfill the need, that question will either be ignored or answered. Most times the former than the latter.

This truly shows how much of a control we have over our lives. Not only do we get influenced by means of selling but we also do give in to our wants very easily. Maslow’s theory does point out why we do what we do. But do we need it?

Wedding After

Every woman weaves a dream about her fairytale wedding. A ceremony that brings in emotions, creates magic, spreads love and joy around the couple. The day where the Bride and the Bridegroom see nobody but each other, exchanging glances. Where everything is made beautiful to create such an atmosphere where only emotions are exchanged.

The Bride dressed in white, adorned in her jewels, and nothing but a veil between her and the groom. Eagerly waiting to walk the aisle. The Bridegroom, all well-groomed and nervous, waiting at the end of that aisle for his better half to meet him at that point. With musical notes, flowers adorning the surroundings, smiles and laughter all around the room and then the first dance. It was as if wedding days were meant to be celebrated in such a way to remind us all that love does exist and is more beautiful than ever.

For every woman, it is a dream that everyday of her life, after that day, is just like a wedding day. But that can only be a memory of the day the union was made. However, remnants of the day can still be seen through the vows that were made. Through thick or thin, he will always be there to understand you, be your strength, to hold you, to carry you when you cannot stand any difficult situation on your own. To remind you of that love that was cherished on that day. And as a woman, be the pillar he needs in his life.

Wedding after may not be as perfect as it seemed on that ceremonious day. But life is worth living if you have someone to share it with. Hardships should be considered a way to toughen relationships and not be an excuse to get out of one. One needs to understand that if someone’s fighting for you to stay in their lives, be it fighting with you or the rest of the world, then know this that according to them you are worth fighting for. If that is the case, then that is a keeper.

Double Standards


Double StandardsWords of Wisdom: Don’t follow the world. Follow your dream and go the opposite way if you have to. Be different.

Fact: Societal norms will never allow you to be different. You still need to follow what was inculcated in you from birth.

So, can we safely say this is double standard right there? How can we motivate people to follow their dreams when there are restrictions attached to it. How can some actions be considered acceptable? Is it because the outcome of it is a societal norm?

Why the double standard? Why is it that we cannot accept someone to be different? I would consider that OCD to people not behaving the same way that is acceptable to society. That is a bit extreme, don’t you think? In that case, these people with such disorder should also be treated in the same way as well.

When are we going to understand that we cannot restrict people to a box where you point at and say, when you get older, you need to fit into that box. Sometimes you just have to accept these differences and support them because you love them. It will be slightly disappointing. But heck, would it change if you had to put ultimatums and should they fail; they weren’t able prove their love for you. Selfish, don’t you think?

There is no point in motivating others, if you do not believe in getting out of the box. If you want to see change, you need to be the change.