Every individual carries some positivity inside of them. It’s up to them how they harness this within themselves. Listen to your heart. Think what is right and do what is right. Think how your actions would impact those around you and, ultimately, affect you. It is true that if you surround yourself with positive people, you in turn become positive. But I believe that positive surrounding is only just a wall that protects your positivity.

The world is full of negativity. It doesn’t need more negative people. What can you do today that can rid someone’s negativity?

A lovely quote I’d like to share by Edith Warton.

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”

Go Get It!

“It’s like I’m finally free!”, said those who break rules that limits you to follow your dreams. Continue reading

7 tips to improve your PR strategy

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The Most Expensive Gift


Think about the only element in your life that you can lose and never get back. Once it’s spent you can never turn it around. Time is the essence of life. The time well spent will bear fruitful results in the future. In school, if time spent well will definitely lead to better grades. At work, time spent in higher productivity, yields  either promotions or bonuses. In relationships, time well spent with each other, increases understanding and commitment with each other.

In every aspect of life, time has proven to be the most valuable of all assets. But it has also been taken for granted. For those who lost their lives or are on their death beds, always thought if they only had more time on Earth, they could have fulfilled most of their dreams and made the right decisions. There is no such thing as the right time. Any time is best time. Time waits for no one.

Let’s get up and use the time at hand to make life a better living, shall we?

Want Vs. Need

Yes, I do know what I want………..but do I need it!

It’s true that, in today’s every so changing world, our wants are every so changing too. What we think we desire for is not truly what we need at all and what we need is cleverly disguised in our wants. I guess what I’m trying to say is we intend to want something and, with no further guilt, disguise it as a need.

In actual sense, once these wants are fulfilled, Humans tend to look for another want to satisfy. So the process goes like this:

  • Identify the Want
  • Make it a Need
  • Develop steps in fulfilling that Need
  • Satisfied – Yes or No
  • Yes! Identify another Want
  • No! Keep developing steps and if your still unsatisfied find the next best want that will fulfil your desire.

This is how we work. But somehow in this whole cycle, the question “Do we need it?” tries to surface. Depending on how desperate you are to fulfill the need, that question will either be ignored or answered. Most times the former than the latter.

This truly shows how much of a control we have over our lives. Not only do we get influenced by means of selling but we also do give in to our wants very easily. Maslow’s theory does point out why we do what we do. But do we need it?

Wedding After

Every woman weaves a dream about her fairytale wedding. A ceremony that brings in emotions, creates magic, spreads love and joy around the couple. The day where the Bride and the Bridegroom see nobody but each other, exchanging glances. Where everything is made beautiful to create such an atmosphere where only emotions are exchanged.

The Bride dressed in white, adorned in her jewels, and nothing but a veil between her and the groom. Eagerly waiting to walk the aisle. The Bridegroom, all well-groomed and nervous, waiting at the end of that aisle for his better half to meet him at that point. With musical notes, flowers adorning the surroundings, smiles and laughter all around the room and then the first dance. It was as if wedding days were meant to be celebrated in such a way to remind us all that love does exist and is more beautiful than ever.

For every woman, it is a dream that everyday of her life, after that day, is just like a wedding day. But that can only be a memory of the day the union was made. However, remnants of the day can still be seen through the vows that were made. Through thick or thin, he will always be there to understand you, be your strength, to hold you, to carry you when you cannot stand any difficult situation on your own. To remind you of that love that was cherished on that day. And as a woman, be the pillar he needs in his life.

Wedding after may not be as perfect as it seemed on that ceremonious day. But life is worth living if you have someone to share it with. Hardships should be considered a way to toughen relationships and not be an excuse to get out of one. One needs to understand that if someone’s fighting for you to stay in their lives, be it fighting with you or the rest of the world, then know this that according to them you are worth fighting for. If that is the case, then that is a keeper.

Double Standards


Double StandardsWords of Wisdom: Don’t follow the world. Follow your dream and go the opposite way if you have to. Be different.

Fact: Societal norms will never allow you to be different. You still need to follow what was inculcated in you from birth.

So, can we safely say this is double standard right there? How can we motivate people to follow their dreams when there are restrictions attached to it. How can some actions be considered acceptable? Is it because the outcome of it is a societal norm?

Why the double standard? Why is it that we cannot accept someone to be different? I would consider that OCD to people not behaving the same way that is acceptable to society. That is a bit extreme, don’t you think? In that case, these people with such disorder should also be treated in the same way as well.

When are we going to understand that we cannot restrict people to a box where you point at and say, when you get older, you need to fit into that box. Sometimes you just have to accept these differences and support them because you love them. It will be slightly disappointing. But heck, would it change if you had to put ultimatums and should they fail; they weren’t able prove their love for you. Selfish, don’t you think?

There is no point in motivating others, if you do not believe in getting out of the box. If you want to see change, you need to be the change.

Dreaming Bigger

One relaxed afternoon, sipping my tea and reminiscing on the years that rolled by. So many memories! Some good, some bad, some adorable, some horrible, some forgettable and some to remember. Each made a connection to my sensory nerves and created beautiful understandings. Made me the person I am today. But in that process, looking to what I am doing right now, I never once thought that I would get out of the usual line-up and start writing. I always did dream big, but I never dreamed BIGGER!

I’ve had so many telling me don’t take risks. I’m sure a lot of us do face that, planting a seed of doubt. Some of them say that our of concern and some, well, out of jealousy or lack of empathy. But at the end, how you succeed is entirely on you. Could anyone understand the pain you might have gone through? I don’t think so. Then why let anyone define how much of success you really need.

Don’t be afraid on dreaming bigger than big. As an individual, you do have the ability to calculate the amount of risks you can take and where you stand in your life. Just go do it what you intend on doing. The rest will fall into place.

Length of Life

If anyone asked me how long have you lived so far, I’d say so many years and counting. But if they questioned me on the breadth of my life, I’d go blank. Why? Well what have I done so far in life that I could see the breadth of my life is wide, giving me more room for self-satisfaction. How long I have before I reach that level of self-satisfaction.

The other day I watched a video on Muhammed Ali’s answer to the question – “What you gonna do when you retire from boxing?” His answer, although 8 mins long, made me think what have I given back to the community so far to promote peace and harmony.

Watch this.

Does this make you think? As individual, what can you do to promote change?


O·ver·am·bi·tious – Ambitious to an excessive degree!

One of the hot topics of individual concern is being overambitious. So many times we go ahead of ourselves with what  we should do and what we can do. Not saying that we are incapable, but, just merely pointing out the realities here.

For an individual it is quite difficult to notice when you have crossed that thin line between being ambitious and overambitious. This is because you are so focused on that goal that you don’t care to see what you’re doing and how you getting there. All you see is the end of your tunnel vision and everything around seems to be blur. But while you’re at it, you also tend to be pretentious too.

How can one identify whether they are overambitious or not?

  • Starting projects but never really finishing them. Taking on too many tasks at one time to reach a particular goal that you envisioned.
  • Any slight indication of failure to succeed leads one to drop projects or leave them incomplete with an agenda to restart at a later stage.
  • Too much enthusiasm leads to clutter of information on various subjects and, hence, leaves one in a confused state of mind.
  • Spreading yourself too thin. Taking up too many unrealistic plans at the same time, bringing yourself to a level of dissatisfaction if the plans don’t succeed.
  • Disregarding people, values, sentiments and morals around you just so you can reach you objectives.

Mostly, the overambitious trait does come off looking negative for any individual. Especially, when sentiments and morals are ignored and when the outcome of plans turn out be disappointing.

To me, patience is a virtue and to stay safe from turning into an overambitious person, it should be practised even more.

“Is is said that those who study the ways of ambition learn patience.”
Jean Plaidy, The Sixth Wife

They said…..

They said you’ll never make it. They said you should do this and do that to be where you are supposed to be. They feel you ought to act and behave in a certain way to be accepted. They said and you always believed, thinking that what they say is meant for your own good. But how good was it? Constructive criticism is one thing, but creating a social norm in which you need be the kind of person that will be accepted by all is another.

Should you follow what everyone says is the right thing for you? Long have people imposed their perceptions on you. How long before you realize that people’s ideology were meant to understand contexts and not adhere to? Nobody gets to know how you feel inside or what you’re going through in life. Now if those facts are unknown to them, then why do we believe what they think you should do is the right norm to follow?

Break these social chains where if you do not listen or act then you end up facing their resentment. Do what you think is right and be comfortable in your decisions. From people-pleaser to pleasing yourself. There will be a sense of peace if you follow yourself than what others have to say. That certain dependency will be lifted giving you that confidence that you’ve been looking for.

Believe in yourself!

Tip that bucket list….

imagesOk, so I’ve created this bucket list. There have been so many articles, passages, write-ups and posts on creating your bucket list and crossing each one once fulfilled. I too, like many ordinary individuals, prepare one for my action. Things I want to do in life and say I’ve done so. Things I want to experience and things I’m passionate about. So, here we go, I will strike each one-off that I’ve accomplished. I will be so proud of myself once I get this done. I’ll just keep the list safely in my book for now.

Days, weeks and months have passed. I stumble upon that list and say to myself, “Isn’t this the list I made last time as my bucket list”. I read it and cross all the one’s I didn’t do only to realize that I did not tip my bucket. Instead I added a few more to the list of things I want to do.

I guess the point I’m making is it might be easy to create a bucket list, but what we do with that list after is quite revealing the true nature of our desire which was present while creating that list in the first place. With all the time in the world, how is it that we don’t end up making time to do things we love doing. Laziness can be one factor. Another could be distractions within the world we live in. Daily we are distracted with stuff in life that, at most times, we forget ourselves. Unfortunately, we take life for granted and never realize that we won’t be living for long. In all honestly, would we have rather lived a fulfilled life than a life chasing the idea of living happy? The truth is you would rather live a happy life by doing what keeps you happy.

bucket_listOfcourse, your bucket list has to be realistic. I don’t think ‘Get rich and die’ should be in your bucket list. Look at what would you like to do or see or experience before you die. One of things I added to my bucket list was to travel a new country or a new city every year. After travelling to Thailand, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Oman, Sri Lanka and different cities in India, I can say I’m proud to have been able to fulfill this one. Many more explorations and adventures in store for me, that’s for sure. And I will be looking forward to it.

After reading this, if you’re writing down a list for your own bucket list – that’s good! But it will be awesome if got up and went about doing them. That I would say is a fulfilled life. Tip that bucket!

Ripple Effect

22_kidswhispersEvery action creates a chain reaction. Agree?

One action from an individual always creates several reactions from different individuals and that in turn moves on to the next set of individuals and so on. But those reactions sort of distort one’s perception of the action in such a way that if a person is negative, then that action will be sought out to be negative. Vice versa for a positive perception of the action, where a positive person will perceive that action as a positive one.

Something like Chinese Whisper! Have you ever played that game? It’s fun!

It starts like this – All players either sit or stand in a line. The first person of that line starts whispering in the ear of the person sitting beside the first person. That person, will then, whisper that same message to the next person and so on until the last person in that line receives it. The last person will then need to stand up and say the message out loud to the rest of the players. The more distorted the message, the more funnier it gets.

Similarly, every action creates a chain reaction and that action is then perceived in a way the reactor will portray. So what is the right thing to do to avoid such distortion?

Well for starters, if the reactor needs clarity on how to perceive the action, it’s best to get answers straight from the horse’s mouth. You’d better ask the person right away than to look like a fool amongst many to have understood the opposite. One wrong perception, kind of, triggers a ripple effect of the same throughout. In this day and age, where people are highly distraction by external noise, thinking the right way becomes a super power.

Information is heavily distorted on a daily basis. Would it be right to make or pass judgements that easily? I’m afraid so. So here’s a challenge to those who read this article – Try going one day in a month without passing any judgement on any action, situation or individual. Can you achieve 100% results? If yes, then try moving on to two days a month, until you have practiced the art of not judging that easily. At the end you should be able to take in more information and be patient before creating an impression.

Is there hope for mankind?

Extremists grouping up, religion treated as a facade behind evil doing, people fighting, women and mostly children dying, residences turning into graveyards. How much more should innocent lives be taken for them to understand that its pointless to go like this? How can they say God is great and yet try to overpower Him by taking lives. Do they not know that taking lives is an immortal sin no matter what the cause? How can they link any religion to this outrageous act.

I’m a Christian and firm believer of my faith. I have no issues with any other religion as I believe that all of them, Christianity included, encourage peace amongst humans. And, in no way appreciates killing of another innocent human. I don’t think God needs any kind of favors from any living creature on earth. So why are these extremists trying to prove a point? The word God, normally used in prayers or praise and worship or while blessing another, has been wrongfully used while conducting these atrocities. Do they not tremble and fear the same God while killing innocent lives and the innocent of the innocent – the children?

Did they forget that God gave them lives on earth to fulfil his purpose and that is not to kill but to promote peace, love and compassion? I have only one question to them – if God does not appreciate this act, then how are they going to react? Will they hate God?

Even if we don’t put religion as the central focus here, how can they still think this is a moral thing to do? Their motto seems like kill one another as I will kill you! Then who remains if we are to wipe the whole human race. Right now the only peaceful creatures are the animals which happen to be below humans in the food chain. It will be wrong to call these extremist animals.

I am a Christian! And I love my Muslim and Hindu friends. And I will always welcome and embrace anyone belonging to any other religion with love provided they extend the same courtesy. I believe in love and peace! Do you?

Live in the moment!

“How many of us can right now, at this moment say “I am happy and content with my life” I guess not many. Although I hope many of us would say so.
The reason why people aren’t happy is simple! We aren’t living our lives to the fullest. Solution? Don’t delay the things you plan to do, memories you wish to cherish, achievements you wish and what not. Don’t wait for the right moment. Go ahead and do it right now or at least fix a date when you are going to do it instead of simply putting it as a decorative sticky note on your pretty clean calendar.
You can do it right now because it’s your life, it’s yours to live and cherish.
Do not base your happiness on a condition. Happiness can be found in the smallest things and memories. You just need to go ahead and make it happen.
Complain less and live more 😀 “
By Guest Blogger – Prachi Vidhani

Pace Yourself Slowly

Goal-Setting-TipsThere is a lot of difference between multitasking and taking on more than usual on your plate. One main difference between the two is how successfully the tasks were completed.

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Change is inevitable, but where to start from….

Everybody waChangents to change the world and to a certain extent its possible. But how do you change the world when you aren’t willing to change yourself? similarly, its easy to point out people’s mistakes and say, “hey, you need to change that in order to bring out the positive outcome!”. But are you able to look within and see what you need to change for a positive result. The answer is plain – “Ah! I didn’t think of it that way.”

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Vampires do exist…..

Gotcha! 🙂 Well I wasn’t lying when I said (I mean wrote) that! They do, in the form of negative people – whose underlying objective is to suck all the positive energy out of you and make you more like them. Does that make sense? Look around you and you might have one or two in each friend circle or work place. Found them?!! Energy_vampire

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Cut the cr(F)A(T)p…!

WorkoutOk! So every one seems to be on this health trip – some successful, others not so much! I’ve tried it too and I can say I’m halfway there. But somehow, I’m loosing my patience. How soon can I reach my ideal weight? What shortcuts can I take to reach that goal faster? These are the thoughts running through my mind. Continue reading

Chivalry isn’t dead, but forgotten!

chivalryA normal day, on my way to work, a man holds the elevator door for me since he saw me coming. “Why, thank you!” I said. I thought that was a nice gesture. Similar situation if a man walked past me towards an entrance of an outlet or building and held the door open because he saw me approaching behind him. But would that be considered chivalrous or a good gesture? Chivalry is dead they say. But how did chivalry originate and to what extent can it be utilized in today’s world?

In the past, chivalry was related to knighthood, where knights swore to protect the weaker members of the society, i.e. women and children. Over the centuries, chivalry has evolved and has become more women oriented. Thus, a man is expected to serve a woman, i.e., open a door for her, lay down his jacket so she may not walk over a puddle.

But somehow, the definition varies. There seems to be a disconnect between men and women. What women appreciate as simple chivalric gestures from men and how men think women should be treated. Confusion caused by modern-day notion of women’s equality leading men to think whether they should or shouldn’t.  Women should respond to any little chivalric gesture that means a lot to them with obvious appreciation, so that men will feel encouraged to repeat such actions to more women in the future. But at the same time, women should not expect so much chivalry that leads to unnecessary judgement and emotional tension.

Of course, it is nice that a man opened the door for me. But indeed, I shouldn’t wait at a door hoping a man, whether known or unknown, opens it for me because it is his duty to do so. My thoughts are that just because it’s the opposite sex doesn’t know make it chivalric gesture. It can be counted as a good gesture which can be highly appreciated but not expected.

What do you think?