Length of Life

If anyone asked me how long have you lived so far, I’d say so many years and counting. But if they questioned me on the breadth of my life, I’d go blank. Why? Well what have I done so far in life that I could see the breadth of my life is wide, giving me more room for self-satisfaction. How long I have before I reach that level of self-satisfaction.

The other day I watched a video on Muhammed Ali’s answer to the question – “What you gonna do when you retire from boxing?” His answer, although 8 mins long, made me think what have I given back to the community so far to promote peace and harmony.

Watch this.

Does this make you think? As individual, what can you do to promote change?






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Live in the moment!

“How many of us can right now, at this moment say “I am happy and content with my life” I guess not many. Although I hope many of us would say so.
The reason why people aren’t happy is simple! We aren’t living our lives to the fullest. Solution? Don’t delay the things you plan to do, memories you wish to cherish, achievements you wish and what not. Don’t wait for the right moment. Go ahead and do it right now or at least fix a date when you are going to do it instead of simply putting it as a decorative sticky note on your pretty clean calendar.
You can do it right now because it’s your life, it’s yours to live and cherish.
Do not base your happiness on a condition. Happiness can be found in the smallest things and memories. You just need to go ahead and make it happen.
Complain less and live more 😀 “
By Guest Blogger – Prachi Vidhani

Change is inevitable, but where to start from….

Everybody waChangents to change the world and to a certain extent its possible. But how do you change the world when you aren’t willing to change yourself? similarly, its easy to point out people’s mistakes and say, “hey, you need to change that in order to bring out the positive outcome!”. But are you able to look within and see what you need to change for a positive result. The answer is plain – “Ah! I didn’t think of it that way.”

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