Advise for the hopefuls…

inspirational-quotes-about-change-and-love-and-lifeThis holds true for most women who tend to go back to the ones who have treated them wrongly. I won’t deny, but, I may portray this image. Been in such situations where I, literally, ask the question to myself – “Why do I keep coming back for more?” And then I answer – “Oh, right! I won’t give up on hope that someday he will change.”

I understand this and it saddens me to think that this will only eat away my self-esteem and confidence. My advise is that it is ok to be hopeful, but, make sure you maintain a distance and be hopeful. The closer you get to the element the more your esteem and confidence deteriorates. A relationship that reminds you of pain and anguish is not worth your soul.

You need to be seen as a door to a good life and not as a doormat to clean shoes on. So to my fellow women folk, do not forget who you are and involve in yourself before you get involved. That way you will be confident about yourself and remind yourself the kind of woman you are every time you feel low. Be you and love you for others to love you the way you are. You will then never have to change to make someone else happy.


Love Poem

Sometimes I wonder,
As the mystery of my life still remain,
If I had all what I wanted,
Would I never feel the pain?
You entered my life
When I needed direction
Now with your absence,
Who do I look to for my redemption?

Throughout your presence,
I didn’t pay any attention.
Now my heart longs for you
But you’ve made your decision.

To see me this way
I know it hurts you
But always know this
I truly loved you!