Moving On….

UntitledThey say change is inevitable. But how easy is it to cope with? How can one accept any change when they just got used to some things that took so long to get used to in the first place. Is it fair to say that we must accept change? A little about me – I hate change unless it is a pleasant one like weight loss. But losing someone can be the worst. What’s extreme is when that particular someone changes. Somehow – those long drives together, the sitting on a bench beside the creek together, those midnight calls while in two separate countries, clicking and sharing pictures and voice notes, those words ‘I’ll never leave you’ and even that one burger dipped in sauce to be fed – all seem like distant memories. Memories were meant to cherish. But will cherishing them help me move on? I don’t think so.

Easy to say but hard to do, memories are to be forgotten before it turns into pain. Before any encounter turns into a fight and before any sight becomes an injury to the heart. The hardest part is to move on without that one element. But once you have passed that phase, it will get easier to breathe, easier to see beyond a certain point. They say to move forward you need to stop looking backward. But the heart always wants what it wants, what it has lost and left behind.

I guess with this experience, I can say, the heart hopes for the impossible and the mind predicts what is possible. Hence, my heart says be patient but my mind says it was a game and you’ve been played. Hence, move on before it gets tougher. Quit before you become a joke. Take care of yourself and don’t expect much. Love yourself and live the fullest. Do what you love doing and don’t underestimate yourself. Move on since life keeps on moving. The universe keeps moving. Your life keeps moving. Move On!