23- February-15


Dreaming Bigger

One relaxed afternoon, sipping my tea and reminiscing on the years that rolled by. So many memories! Some good, some bad, some adorable, some horrible, some forgettable and some to remember. Each made a connection to my sensory nerves and created beautiful understandings. Made me the person I am today. But in that process, looking to what I am doing right now, I never once thought that I would get out of the usual line-up and start writing. I always did dream big, but I never dreamed BIGGER!

I’ve had so many telling me don’t take risks. I’m sure a lot of us do face that, planting a seed of doubt. Some of them say that our of concern and some, well, out of jealousy or lack of empathy. But at the end, how you succeed is entirely on you. Could anyone understand the pain you might have gone through? I don’t think so. Then why let anyone define how much of success you really need.

Don’t be afraid on dreaming bigger than big. As an individual, you do have the ability to calculate the amount of risks you can take and where you stand in your life. Just go do it what you intend on doing. The rest will fall into place.

Length of Life

If anyone asked me how long have you lived so far, I’d say so many years and counting. But if they questioned me on the breadth of my life, I’d go blank. Why? Well what have I done so far in life that I could see the breadth of my life is wide, giving me more room for self-satisfaction. How long I have before I reach that level of self-satisfaction.

The other day I watched a video on Muhammed Ali’s answer to the question – “What you gonna do when you retire from boxing?” His answer, although 8 mins long, made me think what have I given back to the community so far to promote peace and harmony.

Watch this.

Does this make you think? As individual, what can you do to promote change?










Dance in the storm



Good Distractions

The younger me was always distracted when in school. Mom would walk in during my day dreaming sessions. And obviously, like any childhood, I was shouted at a lot. “You better not get distracted and get back to your studying, young woman!”, my mom would say. Yes, distraction always meant negative. The moment I’m distracted, I tend to lose out on precious minutes or those pieces of information. Since then distraction was always considered negative (distraction = negative impact).

Until I met heartache!

I was torn, heartbroken, felt lonely and betrayed. All this behind that one small stroke on my face called smile. Held it all within only to realize that the walls were cracking open and that these feelings were trying to burst open to tear me apart.

Then, Eureka! I figured it out. What if I was distracted? What if I got myself busy doing things that I wouldn’t otherwise do? What if I put the quote ‘Nothing’s impossible’ to test?

I started reading;

I started studying;

I started volunteering;

I started participating in sports;

I started keeping in touch with people;

I started to write;

And finally, my favorite, I started blogging.

I distracted myself and turned a whole new leaf with my life. The change was tremendous, but it was for the better. I still look back at the dark alley that I walked out from only to see what I went through as lessons learnt. I still look into the eyes of the enemy and admit that I am no longer in their control.

Never knew that something so adverse could be useful in cancelling out something more unfavourable.  It takes courage and all the strength from within to do this. For all those who feel you are alone – you are not. If you believe in yourself, then you wouldn’t need anyone else. Stay positive!












Perfect Moment


O·ver·am·bi·tious – Ambitious to an excessive degree!

One of the hot topics of individual concern is being overambitious. So many times we go ahead of ourselves with what  we should do and what we can do. Not saying that we are incapable, but, just merely pointing out the realities here.

For an individual it is quite difficult to notice when you have crossed that thin line between being ambitious and overambitious. This is because you are so focused on that goal that you don’t care to see what you’re doing and how you getting there. All you see is the end of your tunnel vision and everything around seems to be blur. But while you’re at it, you also tend to be pretentious too.

How can one identify whether they are overambitious or not?

  • Starting projects but never really finishing them. Taking on too many tasks at one time to reach a particular goal that you envisioned.
  • Any slight indication of failure to succeed leads one to drop projects or leave them incomplete with an agenda to restart at a later stage.
  • Too much enthusiasm leads to clutter of information on various subjects and, hence, leaves one in a confused state of mind.
  • Spreading yourself too thin. Taking up too many unrealistic plans at the same time, bringing yourself to a level of dissatisfaction if the plans don’t succeed.
  • Disregarding people, values, sentiments and morals around you just so you can reach you objectives.

Mostly, the overambitious trait does come off looking negative for any individual. Especially, when sentiments and morals are ignored and when the outcome of plans turn out be disappointing.

To me, patience is a virtue and to stay safe from turning into an overambitious person, it should be practised even more.

“Is is said that those who study the ways of ambition learn patience.”
Jean Plaidy, The Sixth Wife