New Year’s Eve 2015

New Year's Eve

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas







Is there hope for mankind?

Extremists grouping up, religion treated as a facade behind evil doing, people fighting, women and mostly children dying, residences turning into graveyards. How much more should innocent lives be taken for them to understand that its pointless to go like this? How can they say God is great and yet try to overpower Him by taking lives. Do they not know that taking lives is an immortal sin no matter what the cause? How can they link any religion to this outrageous act.

I’m a Christian and firm believer of my faith. I have no issues with any other religion as I believe that all of them, Christianity included, encourage peace amongst humans. And, in no way appreciates killing of another innocent human. I don’t think God needs any kind of favors from any living creature on earth. So why are these extremists trying to prove a point? The word God, normally used in prayers or praise and worship or while blessing another, has been wrongfully used while conducting these atrocities. Do they not tremble and fear the same God while killing innocent lives and the innocent of the innocent – the children?

Did they forget that God gave them lives on earth to fulfil his purpose and that is not to kill but to promote peace, love and compassion? I have only one question to them – if God does not appreciate this act, then how are they going to react? Will they hate God?

Even if we don’t put religion as the central focus here, how can they still think this is a moral thing to do? Their motto seems like kill one another as I will kill you! Then who remains if we are to wipe the whole human race. Right now the only peaceful creatures are the animals which happen to be below humans in the food chain. It will be wrong to call these extremist animals.

I am a Christian! And I love my Muslim and Hindu friends. And I will always welcome and embrace anyone belonging to any other religion with love provided they extend the same courtesy. I believe in love and peace! Do you?